Glass Bongs

SEVEN COLOR GLASS ™is one of China's well-known Manufacturer of Smoking and lifestyle products. Our goal is to provide customers with awesome products at the Best Possible prices And Best Prossible Quality Pipes&Bongs, and back them up with stellar customer service,Seven Color Glass Bongs,Glass-Bong-Glass-Bongs-Smoking-Water-Pipes,Top Quality Percolator Bongs,Percolator Glass Bongs,Percolator Glass On Glass Bongs.

Introducing a more scientific approach to your tobacco smoking experience. SEVEN COLOR GLASS ™ offers products dedicated to reducing the health risks associated with inhaling hot, smoke-filled air. Our Blower all are Specialized subiect in the China glass industry, SEVEN COLOR GLASS ™ Labs set three criteria as functional standards for our Bongs And Pipes designs

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Smoking Accessories Design:

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All Glass bongs are constructed from High Quality Pyrex and Borosilicate glass
All Glass bong are Hand Blown by Professional Blowers
All Glass Water Pipes Ship with a Bowl and Diffuser
Available colors Clear, Opaque white, opaque black, transparent black, Dark blue, light blue, amber, yellow, green, pink, Purple & red.

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